Epworth Project provides a full service mission experience for youth, college students, families, church groups, and adults of all ages. We can provide housing, food, transportation, tools and equipment, project management, and recreational activities to fit the needs of your particular group. We have learned that by letting our energetic, organized and highly trained staff attend to your needs, you are able to focus on the people who need it most.

As a volunteer, you will transform the lives of those you serve and, in turn, your life w
ill be transformed. You will be working in the homes of many who have lost hope do not know what tomorrow will bring for them. You will become that hope as you spend time with them and you will walk with them on their journey to recovery. The knowledge that people care enough to come from afar is what has carried many of our citizens through these long years of recovery. You have the opportunity to be part of their journey and their story as an Epworth Project volunteer.

If an all-inclusive mission experience appeals to you, no matter your group size, give us a call. Your trip can be tailored to include lodging, food, building supplies, worship, devotionals, project management, and recreation. We will help you connect the physical labor of serving someone to the unconditional love and grace of God.