About Us

cropped-front-door.jpgNorthshore Disaster Recovery Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit organization created to assist in long-term disaster recovery. We are governed by a Board of Directors made up of local church leaders and business professionals. We have partnerships with more than 60 organizations including churches from all denominations, colleges, corporations, United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army and government agencies. The Epworth Project is the ecumenical faith-based, volunteers driven component of NDRI. Approximately 70% of our volunteers are from faith-based organizations with the balance coming from college campuses and civic organizations. We actively recruit volunteers from around the country and partner them with local families with home repair needs. We equip the volunteers with housing, food, tools and expertise, while supporting the partnering local family in need with case management, funding and project management.

We consider the specific vulnerability of the family needing assistance as well as the available funding as the determining factors for providing services. We are funded through donations and grants. We are one of the few true full-service organizations with all the necessary components to complete projects under one roof.